Process Equipment

Process Equipments are worldwide designed to carry out a specific unit operation. Process equipment lies in two categories mainly proprietary and custom-designed. Proprietary equipment is designed by the manufacturer to meet performance specifications made by the user; these specifications may be regarded as the process design of the equipment.

SVAAR’s proprietary equipments are Evaporator, Spray Dryer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Vapour Separator, Cyclone, Bag Filter, Heat Exchanger, Distillation Column, Tanks, Silo’s.

Custom design is needed for many aspects of chemical reactors, most vessels, multistage separators such as fractionators and other special equipment not amenable to complete standardization.

Only those characteristics of equipment are specified by process design that are significant from the process point of view.

SVAAR offers process, mechanical design and manufacturing for process equipment’s such as storage vessels, heat exchanger, distillation column, reactors, separator etc.

Our expert team is well versed in manufacturing of chemical process equipments in various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic metals like titanium, hastelloy following international codes like ASME.